The Road beyond React

The Road beyond React

Hey there. My name is Robin Wieruch and over the last year I have written two ebooks 📚 about React.js. One of these ebooks, "The Road to learn React", teaches plain React without any libraries on top of it. It was downloaded over 13.000 times, is for free and currently in its 4th edition after being out for only 12 months. In this period of time it went from 90 pages to 190 pages. The community and I keep it updated, because there are always improvements to teach React. 🦊

This is one of the most well-written & informative coding books I've ever worked through. A solid React & ES6 introduction.

- Nicholas Hunt-Walker, Instructor of Python at a Seattle Coding School

Just finished your Road to React. Best book for a beginner in the world of React and JS. Elegant exposure to ES. Kudos! :)

- Karan

I never thought about self-publishing an ebook. But as I did it, the feedback about it was incredible. Therefore I want to continue the endeavor by writing ebooks as educational content. But I need your help for it.

After people have finished reading "the Road to learn React" and built their first application in plain React, they started to build applications on their own. The last chapter of the ebook gives this particular advice for learning React on your own.

However, at some point there is no way around using a couple of other libraries from React's ecosystem. There needs to be more than plain React to implement certain things. What about routing in React for multiple pages in an application? What about a sign up, sign in and sign out mechanism to enable authentication? How can a dropdown and navigation bar be used in React and how to style components in a sophisticated way? After all, how should a React application be connected to a database? That's the point where this new ebook, "The Road beyond React" (thanks to Mark Erikson for giving the book a name), should take over and be a perfect fit to continue learning React and its ecosystem after reading "The Road to learn React".

Andre Vargas - The Road to Learn React by Robin Wieruch is such an awesome book! Most of what I learned about React and even ES6 was through it!

Over time, I collected ideas on how I could funnel this knowledge about into an ebook. The ebook should follow the same setup as "the Road to learn React". While building one larger application, all these things about React's ecosystem should be taught to you. It should be for free and accessible for everyone, but therefore I would need your support to make it happen! 🚀

Hence, I wanted to give crowdfunding a shot. It would give me the necessary fundings to work full-time on the self-published ebook for the next two months. If you like to see the ebook happen, driven by the community, about React's ecosystem beyond plain React in a realistic application, you can support it now. 🌟

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The Pitch

The ebook should go beyond plain React and teach its ecosystem in one consistent yet realistic application. It shouldn't be theoretical but a hands-on experience. Everyone who had read the ebook "the Road to learn React" should expect the same from this ebook. So here comes the table of contents I envision for the ebook which will wrap up a realistic application in React.

  • Getting Started
    • Application Setup
    • Building the Core Parts
    • Code Organization
  • Introducing React Router
    • Setting up multiple Pages
    • Setting up dynamic Pages
  • Firebase Authentication
    • Sign Up, Sign In & Sign Out
    • Session Handling with Higher Order Components
    • Authorization and Protected Routes
    • Password Reset
    • Password Change
  • Firebase Realtime Database
    • Specific User Management
    • Another Entity Management
  • Introducing an UI library (e.g. Semantic UI)
    • Buttons, Dropdowns
    • Navigation Bar
    • Theming
  • Styling in React
    • Global & Inline CSS
    • Styled Components
  • Optional: Type Checking with Flow
    • Type Checking for Components
    • Type Checking for Business Logic
  • Sophisticated Application Deployment
    • Server Setup with a specific Hosting Provider
    • Domain Registration and Usage
    • Deploying your Application
    • Optional: HTTPS (SSL)
    • Optional: Redirection to HTTPS

That's the rough roadmap for "The Road beyond React". You may have noticed that there is no talk about Redux or MobX. I have covered it in another course of mine, Taming the State in React, but might give a little intro to these topics in this ebook as well. But the main focus should be all the remaining ecosystem of React. If you have any other ideas of topics, please reach out to me. It depends on you which parts are included in the ebook. Definitely I want to cover the Firebase parts and the most crucial parts from application setup to deployment.

Goals and Perks

This crowdfunding campaign runs until I release the ebook. I would aim to release it end of 2017 but most likely beginning of 2018. It depends on your interest in the ebook. Even if it doesn't get the necessary fundings, I hope that I can find the resources to make it happen as I did with "the Road to learn React". The ebook will come into existence in some form. So what are the milestones for the crowdfunding campaign?

  • If more than 750 € are funded, I am going to do it and can create the ebook on Leanpub for $99!
  • If more than 1500 € are funded, I can write the chapters about using React Router in a realistic application!
  • If more than 2500 € are funded, I can write the chapters about using a well rounded Firebase authentication and realtime database!
  • If more than 3500 € are funded, I can write the chapters about using a styling solution, a UI library and type checking!
  • If more than 4500 € are funded, I can write the chapter about hosting the app (deploying, HTTPS, domain registration)!
  • If more than 5500 € are funded, I will find people to translate it!

The payments for the crowdfunding campaign are handled by Stripe and thus your credit card details are securely managed by them. No credit card information is saved on my server.

So what are the perks for your contribution to this crowdfunding campaign if it is not only a free React ebook for you and the community? The ebook will be available for free on an official website, GitHub repository and Leanpub.

  • If you contribute 10 € or more, you will be notified about the release to grab an ebook in PDF, EPUB or MOBI.
  • If you contribute 25 € or more, you can grab your copy of Taming the State in React to learn Redux.
  • If you contribute 50 € or more, you can choose to be included in the list of backers in the GitHub repository.
  • If you contribute 75 € or more, you can enroll in the complete course of The Road to learn React.
  • If you contribute 100 € or more, you can enroll in the complete course of Taming the State in React.
  • If you contribute 150 € or more, you can choose to be included in the list of backers in the ebook itself.
  • If you contribute 750 € or more, your (personal or company) name, logo and link will be included in the list of backers in the GitHub repository and in the ebook.

So you can make sure to get your name out there as backer of free educational content. It should enable everyone to learn React's ecosystem and not only the people who can afford to pay for it. If it becomes half as popular as "the Road to learn React", I would really love to consider to print them at some point.

Eric Priou - The Road to learn React by Robin Wieruch is a must read. Clean and concise for React and JavaScript.

I have never done such a crowdfunding campaign before and I am excited to see people invested in this project. I have always relied on my own resources to write free content that was read by many people though, but this time I hope to get the help of the community to produce a free ebook as a full-time vocation.

Thank you for reading and for your support,
Robin Wieruch

0 raised of 4500 goal
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